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Motorcycle Women, Dress for the Ride.

Style is often a key consideration in choosing a pair of motorcycle boots for women, although, a well-fitted motorcycle boot with a non-skid sole and firm ankle support should be your first consideration.

The right motorcycle riding gear for women can make a stylish statement; the different styles of women's motorcycle boots
are actually available for various types of riding.

Woman biker style boots have differences you should know. Street, or touring, motorcycle boots differ from racing boots for protection they provide. Even women's touring style motorcycle boots range from short women's boots to those that come more than a foot up the leg.


My Biker Women Gear

Women's Motorcycle ApparelJust imagine cruising up to your favorite bike event or day run with your pipes tuned to just the right sound, people turn their heard to see the sweet ride that is pulling up. There you are setting on your nice new motorcycle looking great, all bickered out in a sweet well fitting leather vest and a form fit set of chaps fitted over your tight blue jeans. You want that cool biker look, I want that cool biker look, and every body I know wants that cool biker look.


Motorcycle Women Top Ten Motorcycles

What is the best motorcycle for women?

I have talked to a great number of motorcycle women and one thing is for sure, all of the biker women that I spoke with agree to disagree on one thing. That one thing is, what is the best motorcycle for women. Women Harley riders will tell you that Harley Davidson is the only way to go. Women that ride a sport bike will tell you a crotch rocket is the answer. While other women riders, say they love their metric cruisers and would not change for the world.

Because I have gotten numerous emails asking me what the best motorcycle for a woman is, and because of all of the different opinions on what motorcycles women are riding, I though Id do a bit of research of my own.

This is what I found out. According to women polled and dealer sales, the top ten motorcycles for women are:


Motorcycle Women or Biker Women, Women Riders Are Here.

Motorcycle women or biker women,

No matter what they choose to label us as, women riders are here, and here in a big way.

Knowing that as a woman you can buy a motorcycle and learn how to ride it is only half of the battle. Knowing what motorcycle is right for you is the other half.The American Motorcyclist Association now has 265,000 registered women motorcycle owners, isn't it about time you joined them? Every day women just like you are coming to the realization that they to can join the ranks of women riders and learn to ride a motorcycle.

Truthfully, if you look around on any sunny day you will see a lot of women riding motorcycles, and not just little scooters or 250cc putt putt bikes. I am talken a big honking motorcycle like a Harley Davidson Dyna low-rider, Softail Fat boy or Softail Deluxe.


Women Riders Buy Used Motorcycles

Women riders make up just about 30% of the motorcycle riders on the road today. Most women motorcyclists are smaller and lighter then their male counter parts. There are a lot of motorcycles on the market that are more suited for a smaller and lighter rider. A lot of these bikes are perfect for a women rider.

The big issue these days however, is the cost of a new motorcycle vs. a late model is used motorcycle, although buying new is preferred by some. There are those, especially in this economy that just don’t have the money to shell out $10,000.00 or more for a 2011 model.

Daytona Bike Week is just around the corner and if you like me your already thinking about getting your ride on.

This is why I have put together this list of a few low mileage low cost used motorcycles that are perfect for any motorcycle women. I found these really great bikes at a Cruisers Motorcycle Sale.


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