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Women Riders Wanna Be - Before I Joined The Ranks Of Women Riders

Women Rider SherryBefore I joined the ranks women motorcycle riders I found myself getting this unexplainable excitement when ever a motorcycle went rumbling by me.

It was just about five years ago or so when I noticed that when a motorcycle would go by I would have the desire to jump on the back and go for it. I think that was the start of me becoming a biker woman.

My husband at the time didn’t ride a bike and even though I hadn’t been around a motorcycle in years the feeling kept growing and my curiosity grew more.

Well needless to say that marriage didn’t last and soon after the marriage ended. Soon after, I met my future husband and we instantly clicked.

He was this rough looking big teddy bear biker that rode a motorcycle although; he didn’t have one at the time. But it didn’t take very long, in no time we had our first motorcycle together.


Motorcycle Women, How to Pick Up a Motorcycle

I would like to ask, have any of you motorcycle women ever found yourself in a tough situation that you had no choice but to handle it by yourself? Well, I did.

I am talking about dropping your motorcycle with no one around to help you to pick it up.

I was new to being biker women, just learning to ride my new Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Low.


Women bikers are just as susceptible to having a bad motorcycle accident and men bikers.

Women bikers are just as susceptible to having a bad motorcycle accident and men bikers. Heaven forbid the any of you women riders ever have one.  However, it does happen. If it ever happened to you how you would handle it? Would you be able to get back in the saddle again?

Getting back on a motorcycle after having a serious accident can be a very traumatic for any motorcycle woman, if not an impossible thing to do.  Most of the women riders that I have talked to after a crash had lost their interest in riding a motorcycle, and most never go back on one.  This is a shame.

Of course it is expected that, after a traumatic experience like crashing on your motorcycle, most women riders will experience fear and a lack of self confidence. Don’t let fear take away a lifestyle that you have hoped for so long.


Biker Women & Divas For A Cure

Motorcycle woman Jan Emanuel-Costley, known as Sunny – The Diva has always had the goal to cultivate a small business that would allow her the freedom to be creative while utilizing her artistic talent. In the true spirit of biker women everywhere, Sunny – the Diva’s love of motorcycle riding, photography and computer technology afforded her the opportunity to gain immeasurable experience in motorcycle media and the high tech Internet industry.

Using her passion for riding motorcycles and computer technology Sunny develop a web site that would give biker women a forum and yet be both fun and informative. What started out as a simple newsletter has developed into a full-service portal, and the birth of her new baby:


Biker Women, Can Do Anything A Biker Dude Can Do

XXChromes1Biker women take notice and be proud, Gina Woods the renowned host of open road radio is making big waves in the custom motorcycle-building arena for motorcycle women everywhere.

In 2006 Gina did something no biker woman had ever done before. With her attitude that a woman can do anything that a man can do, Gina produced an all women custom bike build for Breast Cancer at the Fat Fest 2006 in Gurnee, Illinois and thus the XX Chromes were born.

This group of biker women known as The XX Chromes consists of women riders and bike builders. All of the women ride and build custom motorcycles with Gina, have a love for riding motorcycles and come from an extensive motorcycle history.

Let me introduce the XX Chromes:


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Why Do Motorcycle Women Ride Motorcycles

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