Style is often a key consideration in choosing a pair of motorcycle boots for women, although, a well-fitted motorcycle boot with a non-skid sole and firm ankle support should be your first consideration.

The right motorcycle riding gear for women can make a stylish statement; the different styles of women's motorcycle boots
are actually available for various types of riding.

Woman biker style boots have differences you should know. Street, or touring, motorcycle boots differ from racing boots for protection they provide. Even women's touring style motorcycle boots range from short women's boots to those that come more than a foot up the leg.


It doesn't matter the type of women's motorcycle boot that you select, there are features that are important to all styles.

One feature on most motorcycle boots is additional support on the area of the boot that you use to shift gears. This extends the lifetime of the boots because this area can wear faster than other parts of the boot.

Some biker boots for women also include exterior straps and buckles to provide a closer, yet still comfortable fit. While other woman biker, boots also incorporate a zipper on the side so you can to put the boots on or remove them without unlacing them.

The one thing that a woman motorcyclist won't find on women’s motorcycle boots is a high heel. Most heels are no more than half an inch in height because the lower heel height allows for better control when riding and stopping a motorcycle.

Choosing a women’s motorcycle jacket

Another style statement in women’s motorcycle riding gear is a motorcycle jacket. Even though they can be stylish, a women's motorcycle jacket
serves a greater purpose.

You should choose a motorcycle jacket for its protective quality. A good women’s motorcycle jacket will protect you from the wind and rain, as well as bugs and road debris, most importantly it will protect your skin in the event of you have to lay your bike down.

Women biker jackets come in many different materials and styles to meet any riding condition. For instance, if you plan to ride in cold weather, then a motorcycle jacket made of leather would be the best choice. Leather acts like a barrier from the wind and the cold. The best leather to protect you from the elements is buffalo or cowhide; it also offers great protection against road rash.

The one downfall of a leather motorcycle jacket though, is that it is not suited for riding in rainy wet or warm climates. On hot days, a leather motorcycle jacket can make for a very sweaty ride. Leather also absorbs water and stays wet longer if worn on a rainy ride.

For a cooler ride there is an alternative, a women’s motorcycle jacket made of textile materials can provide improved weather protection against heat, cold and water. Synthetic fabrics are lighter weight and a more comfortable style of motorcycle jacket for women, particularly in warmer weather. A textile motorcycle jacket also takes less time to dry out.

A motorcycle women’s jacket made of textiles are more comfortable in warmer climates, most textile fabrics offer less protection against abrasions than leather, but not all do. Some are textile motorcycle jackets made with a high-density nylon ballistic composite like Kevlar, Cordura and Lycra. Some of these jackets also include waterproof liners made of the material Gore-Tex, which is a porous and breathable weatherproof fabric.

The other option for motorcycle riding in hot weather is a women’s motorcycle jacket made of mesh material. Where leather material might not be suitable for hot or rainy riding, and textile material may not provide the protection you need. A motorcycle jacket for women made of mesh fabric will provide a comfortable pleasant ride in the hot months. A mesh motorcycle jacket affords a cooling effect, also the armor offers padding and protection incase of a spill.

Women's Motorcycle Chap’s, fashion and protection

Women's motorcycle chaps give your legs the same protection as the leather jacket you wear to protect your upper body. A good pair of motorcycle chaps not only look cool they give you better abrasion protection in the event of a crash then just a pair of jeans. They also offer better weather protection.

You should not take choosing the right pair of women’s motorcycle chaps lightly; style is only one of the things you should consider.

The most important thing to consider is the material. You should make sure your pair of chaps is made of genuine good quality leather. A good choice for your women’s chaps would be cowhide leather because it is known for its toughness and abrasion protection, buffalo leather is also a good choice. To make sure that you get the best motorcycle chap for your money you should buy your women’s motorcycle chaps from a reputable leather company that guarantees genuine leather.

A few things to remember when you shop online for your women’s chaps, one size do not fit all. Make sure the webpage you order your chaps from has a size chart. Chaps that are to tight can make for a very uncomfortable ride so a good rule of thumb when buying your new women’s chaps online is get them 1 to two sizes larger then you jean size. You may even want to buy women’s chaps that are adjustable just incase you gain a few pounds. One last point is you should find a pair of chaps that are easy to clean; you don’t want to spent all day cleaning your gear when you can be out riding your motorcycle.

Women's Motorcycle Gloves – Fashion or function
Women's motorcycle gloves
can truly add style to any motorcycle girl’s biker wardrobe. However, fashion is not the primary purpose for wearing a good pair of motorcycle gloves. Protection is the main reason for any women to dawn their motorcycle gloves.

Gloves designed for motorcycle riding are different then gloves made for other applications. For instances gloves made for cold weather are made out of cloth, wool or nylon/polyester mesh and filled with fiber or goose feathers.

While gloves made for riding your motorcycle are made of leather or high-density nylon ballistic composite like Kevlar, Cordura and Lycra. Motorcycle gloves also have palm pads made of leather or a gel composite. This padding on the palm of most motorcycle gloves is there to protect the skin on the palm of your hands in case you have a spill. It also provides you with an extra grip in the throttle.

Motorcycle gloves for women and men alike come in different types. These types are; fingerless gloves, medium weight gloves, winter gloves and rain gloves.

Fingerless gloves:
Fingerless gloves are popular because they are cooler to wear in warmer climates. Although most fingerless motorcycle gloves come with palm pads, you should not considered them to be complete protection for your hands. Even though the padding protects your palms from the pavement, if you fall your fingers could be ground to the bone.

Medium weight gloves:
Medium motorcycle gloves have full fingers and are most likely made of a medium grade leather or high-density nylon ballistic composite like Kevlar, Cordura and Lycra. Any good pair of medium weight gloves will have palm pads. Other medium weight gloves come with knuckle guards.

Winter gloves:
Winter motorcycle gloves are much thicker than medium weight gloves to keep your hands warm during colder weather. Winter motorcycle gloves are lined and come with a pad on the palms for protection. Winter gloves will often have to handle rain, although, they will get soaked if it rains hard for a long time.

Rain gloves:
Although rain gloves keep your hands dry, they offer little or no protection from the road. Rain gloves are most likely plastic or rubber compound and can become slippery on your throttle when they get wet. If you look though, you can find rain gloves the offer a beaded palm to give a better grip when they get wet.

Remember even though it is important for a women motorcyclist to look good while riding her motorcycle, it is even more important to protect yourself while you ride. A little common knowledge and a keen sense of style will take you along way when its time for you to choose your motorcycle women riding ensemble.

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Motorcycles And Women

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