Biker women take notice, February 27 is just around the corner, this means that Biketoberfest 2008 in our rear view mirror and Daytona bike week 2009 is just up around the next bend.  Motorcycle women are you ready?

Volusia county Florida’s bike week began as a 200 mile motorcycle race and has evolved into a ten day festival of fun sun and sand hosting thousands of motorcycle events for every motorcycle enthusiast, motorcycle women and motorcycle men alike.

Daytona Bike Week the ultimate motorcycle event that no biker women in their right mind would want to miss starts on February 27, 2009 and continuing through March 8, 2009.


Out of the thousands of events at this years Daytona’s Bike Week, you will want to be sure you ride the loop. The loop is a leisurely ride that begins at the foot of the Granada Bridge on John Anderson Drive in Ormond Beach, crosses the Halifax River, cruises up North Beach Street, winds it’s way around the Old Dixie Highway, past Below Creek State Park then back around to come full circle onto John Anderson Drive.

Once you have cruised the loop biker girl, you will want to stop in at Daytona Beach’s hottest nightclub the Bank. Located at 701 Main Street it is only blocks away from the beach and Daytona Harley Davidson. The Bank caters one of Bike Week’s biggest street parties while the most entertaining rock-a-Billy band in the southeast takes the stage nightly.

Another must see for any biker women braving a run to Bike Week Daytona is Boot Hill Saloon, located at 310 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Just across from the Cemetery.

The Boot Hill Saloon is the traditional "first stop" when you blow into town, the "meeting place" in Daytona Beach. It is a long-standing tradition, almost a quest by many, to buy a Boot Hill T-shirt before leaving Daytona Beach. For the biker women who visit the famous Saloon it is a long-standing tradition to leave their bra hanging from the ceiling.

Dirty Harry’s is a must visit, this long time biker bar has the enthusiastic Harley Davidson clientele. All biker women are welcome. While at Dirty Harry’s you will experience continuous live music on an outdoor stage. Live music is only the beginning. Just blocks from the beach at 705 Main Street, Daytona Beach, you could say that Dirty Harry’s is home to Daytona Beach's Bike Week.

After all of the cruising and partying you are bound to work up an apatite so you will want to rumble on over to 37 N Atlantic Avenue (A1A) Daytona Beach and get yourself some of the best real Pit Bar-B-Q in the south at Hog Heaven. Cruise on in and they will round up the finest, beef, pork, or chicken… Then they will cook it up low and slow in a real pit until it is tender and juicy. You will never have the pleasure of sinking your teeth into a better B-B-Q.

If by chance, you decide to drive your four-wheeled beast instead of you motorcycle down to Daytona and you do not have the luxury of towing it, you can ship your bike safely and at a lower cost then you would expect. (Con-Lei Transport, LLC) is the largest motorcycle transporter in the Mid-Atlantic area that provides motorcycle shipping to all of the major motorcycle events, Daytona included. Motorcycle owners them selves, Con-Lei Transport will handle your bike as if it was their own.

This is important! Please make sure that you plane way in advance and make your lodging reservations ahead of time. Plane ahead of time biker girl, once Bike Week starts you will not find a room or a campsite in Daytona anywhere. There are plenty of great hotels in the Daytona area to choose from although, most will be booked months to a year in advance. Camping is also an option that can add an extra amount of excitement to your Daytona Bike Week experience. Girl just load up your bike with a tent, sleeping bag and a few other essentials and you will be ready to experience bike week old school. How cool is that?

Here’s a thought biker girl, since you are going to be at the best motorcycle event of your entire life, you might as well go all the way and get that tattoo you have always wanted, just stop by Tropical Tattoo Inc. 825 S. young Street (U.S.1), Ormond Beach. With literally thousands of tattoo patterns to choose from, or get a custom tattoo, you will end up with a piece of art you will be proud to show off, if you are not into tattoo’s maybe a belly button piercing.

Unbelievably there are people that go to bike week with out a motorcycle, O.M.G! If you happen to be one of the motorcycle women that just has to be down in Daytona for bike week but your pony is in the shop or you just don’t have a ride yet. There is hope. You can rent a motorcycle. Midwest Motorcycle Rentals has two locations in Daytona. Both locations have a great selection of bikes at an affordable price. You can rent a bike for the day or for the week. Find out more about renting a motorcycle while in Daytona for Bike Week at

Daytona Bike Week is going to be the motorcycle event of the millennium. It is something no self respecting motorcycle women will want to miss, so tune up your ride, get prepared and get on down to Daytona by the 27th of February 2009. I have already made my reservations. I hope to see you their

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