What motorcycle is best for a women riders first bike?

Over the past few months, a lot of you women have emailed asking the question. What motorcycle is right for my first bike? So to answer your question, the first thing to remember and is the most obvious, women are different then men and have different need when picking the right motorcycle.

Also realize there are just about as many different kinds and styles of motorcycles as there are women to ride them.

I would like to state for the record though, the final decision when you pick your new bike is ultimately yours and yours alone. Please do not be swayed into buying a motorcycle because it looks pretty or because someone else told you that it is the bike for you. Use common sense. Do a bit of investigating look around. Do not buy the first motorcycle you see in the first place that you look. If it turns out to be the best one for you, most likely it will still be there when you go back for a second look. If not, I am quite sure the dealer will be able to get you another one similar if not just like it.


Ok for the most part, women are shorter, lighter and have a shorter reach then men. So when you go out to hunt for that new motorcycle, the first thing I would recommend is that you get interactive. Don’t just go to the dealer and look. Climb on the bike see how it feels. Do your feet rest flat and firm on the ground? Does motorcycle feel top heavy? Can you reach the foot controls? How do you feel with both hands holding the handgrips, are you in a comfortable position for riding. Remember that you might be riding for a long ride.

Another thing to consider is where and how will you be riding. Will you be riding in a group, in the city, on long trips, or off road? Considering what style of riding you will be doing is very important in the selection of the type of motorcycle you should choose.

If you are only going to ride off road, you should opt for a dirt bike. You may want to do both and that is cool, you can check out a dual sport motorcycle.

If you plan on riding on long trips it would be best if you looked at a cruiser type of motorcycle. Built for comfort and long distance riding, however, cruisers weigh more.

You could also go for a Touring bike also known as a Dresser. Touring bikes like cruisers are made to go long distances. The difference is, the touring bike has all of the amenities and luxuries. Touring bikes offer a comfortable ride and a quieter engine. They have a large faring that will provide protection from the wind. Their seats are larger and have more padding. They also come with a backrest, radio, CD and MP-3 player as well as a trip navigator. Some even, come with air suspension and a tow package if you need to tow a trailer. Because of their weight, I would strongly recommend against getting a Touring bike for your first motorcycle.

For shorter trips and exhilarating fast ride, you should check out Sports bikes, other wise known as the crotch rocket. You should not make the decision to get a Sports Bike lightly. Here is something you should consider. The crotch rocket is one of the most powerful vehicles legally allowed to operate on public streets. Although because of their design and they handle better then a cruiser, the over power can easily get even the most experienced rider in to trouble. Riding position is also less then comfortable. I would not recommend getting a Sports bike for your first motorcycle. However, if you feel the need for speed, and you just have to have a crotch rocket. I would recommend starting smaller. I would not recommend starting on anything over a 500cc Sports Bike.

Another motorcycle that is in the sports bike realm is the all American Harley Davidson Sportster. It straddles the line in-between the cruiser and the sports bike. In the past, the Sportster has been top heavy and a bit to tall for most women. This is not the case with the new Harley Davidson Low series. The Harley Sportster 883 Low is a great motorcycle for the women rider. It sits lower to the ground and with a lower center of balance. Although is has a larger 883cc engine the handling is excellent. If you have a need, to start with a larger motorcycle I would recommend this motorcycle.

If you have the cash, and I mean $$$ cash you could choose to get a custom motorcycle, other wise known as a chopper. From the beginning, custom motorcycles have been built with men in mind. In the past choppers have been built bigger to accommodate men’s size and weight. Recently that has changed and a few brave pioneers have set out to build a good custom motorcycle with women in mind. One in particular has made history and has done what no other custom bike builder has done. Wicked Women Choppers, owned and created by Christine Vaughan is the first custom motorcycle shop owned by a woman building custom motorcycles for women. If you have the money for a custom chopper, I highly recommend that you look at what Christine has to offer.

Another chopper swayed toward women is Ridley Motorcycle If you don’t think you can get the hang of clutch and foot shifting, then a Ridley might be worth a look. The Ridley motorcycles are built with an automatic tranny and a 750cc engine. The Ridley is a great bike for a first motorcycle.

Many experts that I have read over the years suggest that you start with a small motorcycle and move up. In some cases, this is truly the best policy. However, I am not inclined to agree that in every case, you should start with a 250cc motorcycle and graduate to the bigger and faster bike you will be riding. Although it maybe easier for some to learn on a smaller bike, you will be stuck with it for a while. Having an underpowered motorcycle can be just as unsafe as having an over powered bike. You should think about after the learning process. What size and kind of motorcycles will the people you ride with have? Will you always be playing catch up? Can you afford to upgrade to a new bigger more powerful bike??

My philosophy is. Learn on the motorcycle you will be riding. Learn from an expert, in a safe and supervised environment. Take a certified safety course, and practice, practice, practice. Do not push it. Do not go out onto the public streets until you are ready and you can proficiently handle every aspect of your motorcycle. Start Slow. You have to crawl before you can walk.

One final note in choosing the best motorcycle is, do they have an extended warranty and service plan.

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Best Motorcycle For Women

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